Wedding dishes

An example of wedding menu

Traditional bread & salt welcome  /  a glass of Champagne

STARTER - choice please of one below

Smoked salmon, served on rocked salad with raspberry dressing and basil toast.
Slices of roast loin with boiled vegetable salad
Roast pork loin with plum or apricot
Soups - choice of one

Broth with noodles and boiled vegetables cubes

Asparagus cream soup withy an emulsion of parsley

Gourmet mushroom soup

Tomato cream soup with basil croutons

Leek cream soup with croutons

MAIN DISH - choice of five ( 3 portions per person)
De'vollaile - chicken breast filled wrapped with butter and herbs
Turkey breast fillet with cranberry sauce
Pork chops
Roast pork chuck in garlic-thyme sauce
Cordon bleu - loin pork wrapped with ham and cheese
Castle pork filled in its own sauce
Roast chickenbreast with mashroom sauce
Roasted pikeperch fillet

ADDITIONAL - choice of three (2 portions per person)
Yeast dumplings
Silesian dumplings
Traditional dumplingsBacked patatoes with garlic butter
Rice withsliced boiled vegetables
French fries

VEGETABLE ADDITIVES - choice of three (2 portions per persons)
Red cabbage with raisins
Boiled vegetables
Beetroot with blueberry
Greenh beans with butter and breadcrumbs
White cabbage with apple, carrotgrape seeds oil
Celery salad with raisins and sour cream
Carrot salads with orange pieces
Leek salad

DESSERT - choice of one
Ice cream with fruits and whipped cream
Local caces: cheescake, apple cake, walnut cake and more.
Panna cotta with raspberry sauce, whipped cream garnished withmint leaf
Also tea & coffe
COLD PLATTER - choice of five (3 portions per persons)
Cooked and smoked ham
Slices of ham with wegetable salad
Smoked turkey fillet
Pork with herbs
Pork chuck stuffed with garlic
Chicken galantine in several flavors
Lightly marinated Baltic herring, served on sliced potatoes with sour cream
Cheese platter with nutsand raisins
Hawaiian salad with chicken and pineapple
Boiled vegetable salad
Cheese & ham pasta

Horseradish, mustard, butter, local types of bread
Tatar sauce
Cranberry for meat

CAKES - buffet, 8 p.m.
An assortment of cakes to be agreed
Coffe & Tea

SUPPER - 10 p.m.
Soups - choice of one
Beetroot soup with Frenchh pastry croquette
Pork tripe soup
Stuffed cabbage
Roasted chicken legs
Served with dinner meats

Additional (2 portion per person)
Rice, French fries, Grilled vegetables
Hunting stew, sauerkraut and meat stew

Wedding cake for extra charge - 11 p.m.

Snack - Goulash soup with bread - 1 a.m.


For extra cost:
Gammon - 800 zl (50 portions)
Burning turkey - 600 zl (30 portions)
Drinks:coffe,tea,still water - no limits
Juices (3 types) - 0,5 l per per person
The ability to purchase alcohol in the Castle at the special price.

Regional platter - 3000 zl / 100 Guests - grease with crackloings, pickledcucumbers, marinated vegetables, ham, smoked bacon, local sausages, black pudding, pate also cranberry sauce, honey, regional alcohol, local country bread etc.

Rydzyna  Castle provides function room decor made by proffesional designers, support music service and photographers. We also provide carriage and vehicles rental.